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Primary Visit

Over the last few days myself and Davie spent time at the Research Station at the bottom of the green  trail. It’s  Primary Rainforest  so was able to see and hear a lot of amazing wildlife while on walks. But my highlight  has to be from the 1st night,  while out on a walk at night i spotted something  about an inch long flying  near  the ground it was well camouflaged with the leaf litter. I thought it was a Preying Mantis, which on closer inspection it was so I was really happy and not bad going for Identification  done at night via headlamp  of something over 5 feet away from you which is only an inch long and camouflaged. This brings up the total 5 species  I’ve  found at Regua  and a total of 9 species in South America  to date. On the last morning I cut down a nice big bunch of bananas to take back.


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Frog Invasion

Yesterday a new volunteer researcher arrived from the USA, Davie Rolnick is here studying Moths. In the evening I took him on a night walk around part of the trail round the lagoons. Part of the trail path was covered in a swarm of large Froglets with varied tail lengths, seeing this was rather cool. As we continued we kept on finding other cool things, the highlights for me was having a tree frog on my thumb in a rather cute position. And finally after 6 years of being interested in Dragonflies we came across a couple of emerging Dragonflies so I was very happy.


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Busy Busy

Its been an amazing  but busy 2 weeks. Firstly I’ve been able to see and photograph some amazing cool Insects  etc and I would say I have taken some of my best photos too date which are worthy of being entered into serious Photography  Competition. Nicholas is loving my photos and is always telling  people and asking me too show my photos,  he says (rather jealously) I have an amazing talent and passion for my photography. I’m not letting it go to my  head (hehe) although I do know I am ;).

There have been some really lovely guests  staying here for the USA and the UK. They have teached me as well as me teaching them about things. While they were waiting for a presentation I showed  them a selection of my  best photos taken at Regua,  they all appreciated it and loved the photos and Nicholas  was thrilled. I decided to make a nice photo album using a selection of my best shots, Showcasing the wildlife diversity here at Regua.  Also explaining a bit about myself and advertising as I hope to raise some money for Regua  through my photography. Both Nicholas and Raquel love it and so far the guests  have  been raving about.   A selection  of my photos are being used for talks to schools communities and I’m making a photo video  slide show for an Arts festival which  Regua  has be asked to be involved in too showcase the wildlife There are also blogs been written not by me) showcasing  my findings and photos

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