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To Be Or Not To Be A Gringo

Now I’m sure we are all guilty of   traveling to a foreign country, And end up eating in the local KFC or Mc Donalds etc. Now of course  trying the local cuisine is a must especially the delicacies if you’re not faint hearted ;-). But eating  from well-known  international food chains is in my eyes  is still worth it, as each country will have variations of texture flavor and  different  foods too eat. So all though you will be  eating comfort foods you  know and love you  are  sampling  a small  selection of tastes that the country has to offer, which is good for those of you whom are not adventurous when it come to food.

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New Beginnings – Nuevos Comienzos My South America Volunteer Odyssey

Volunteers Make The World Go Round!

Have you ever considered being a volunteer? If not you should. It’s a very satisfying and rewarding experience and depending what you do it can help you gain new skills and qualifications, and a great way to make new friends who share the same passion as you. You don’t need to go far from where you live to do volunteering, But if you  do have the opportunity I would highly recommend volunteering abroad.

Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of charities all over the world without them, the fantastic work that is done would be a lot harder. Yes it is very important too support charities financially  but it’s equally just as important to support them with your time even if it’s just a few hours a week.

Everyone talks and acts big about wanting to do something amazing or rewarding but how many of the actually have the balls too go through with it.

Well what can I say after last years trip to Ecuador, I fell in love with Ecuador. And this is where this story begins.

I am in process of selling my house (with help of my fab supportive parents). I am going to be spending my time doing Volunteer/Charity work hopefully all over South America.

This time round I am going to be based  in Ecuador, Brazil and Chile. I could  go into more detail but I wont as you now have a reason to follow my blog :P

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