First Family

Since the 22nd of september Regua has had its first family staying. When Nicholas told  me I offered  to help as I am good and enjoy working with children. I went with a driver to Río De Janeiro  to pick them up.

The Baders and thier two young boys are from Weybridge in England, they are spending  a year travelling  round South America, New Zealand, Australia and Fuji. The boys  are  7(had birthday  here) and 8 years old,  They will be getting  home schooled.  Thier Father Phil found he never really got to spend much quality tie with the boys due to  work ( like many other families)  snd felt the boys where old enough to appreciate  and learn from a trip like this before they go to High School. The boys are going to be learning  and experiencing different cultures and languages and of course experience nature first  hand which they already  enjoy through shows like Deadly 60.

Its been an important and interesting  week for Regua as  they have never had a family stay before, one of thier main aims is in too instill the importance of or natural world into young children. As if we do not get them interested  and appreciative of the world around  them,  what hope will nature  and survival of our forests and animals have in future generations.

I  took the family on a couple of trail walks including  a night walks,  and joined them on the majority  of thier  other outings.  When they went to the local School  to meet the children  and to teach about thier country they handed out London 2012 bands. The School visits were also rewarding  for me as with Raquels help  in translation  I was talking to the class about the importance  of nature  and showed the my photos  and help taught the English  names of the animals. Some of the children  had a dislike of certain  animals so I helped explain  why those animals are ok and inportant,  sometimes  i did it in a fun way.  During breaks  I managed to teach two  new games which all the children wanted to get involved  in. My youth group  days paid off lol. Back at Regua i had st up a little  creche  with  finger paints,  modeling clay,  and other things for drawing  it was  bit hit and kept the chidern happy and busy including  the children of the staff at Regua joined in with their  new friends.

It was a very  successful week. And lets hope more families  are brave enough.  Now am not saying  all famlies should take a year out. Family  holidays can be an expensive trip so rather than say going to Florida  or Spain  etc you could quite  easily  come too somewhere  like Regua and these  days for about the same cost.  And the whole family  would learn and experience  new things most people  only see on TV. Also with the World Cup and the  Olympics  happening  in  Brazil why not have the most amazing  trip.

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One thought on “First Family

  1. Irene Gatoff

    Hi Richard – what an interesting time you must have had. I’vethoroughly enjoyed reading all about your adventures with this family.You seem to enjoy going into the school and talking to the children. Lots of Love Nana XX

    Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 20:38:30 +0000 To:

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