Primary Visit

Over the last few days myself and Davie spent time at the Research Station at the bottom of the green  trail. It’s  Primary Rainforest  so was able to see and hear a lot of amazing wildlife while on walks. But my highlight  has to be from the 1st night,  while out on a walk at night i spotted something  about an inch long flying  near  the ground it was well camouflaged with the leaf litter. I thought it was a Preying Mantis, which on closer inspection it was so I was really happy and not bad going for Identification  done at night via headlamp  of something over 5 feet away from you which is only an inch long and camouflaged. This brings up the total 5 species  I’ve  found at Regua  and a total of 9 species in South America  to date. On the last morning I cut down a nice big bunch of bananas to take back.


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One thought on “Primary Visit

  1. Irene Gatoff

    Aren’t you doing well !! How much longer have you in Rio ? When do you go to Chile ?Lovely to hear from you I’m certainly pleased I’ve got my lap top otherwise I would missall these super photos.lots of Love NANAXX

    Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 15:20:06 +0000 To:

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