Yesterday  at 5pm a few of us went for a pre dusk walk along  the Guacamayos Ridge or Inca Trail, we managed  to see some cool birds. On the way back we stopped in the good local restaurant I had a smoked trout filet which is a staple in the area, as it’s easily farmed and not to damaging  to the eco system  like cows. We also shared a plate of beetle grubs,  I had tried these last year in Coca with GVI. This time though they were a lot nice as they local one are a different  genus to the ones in Coca,  the skin is not as tough and they are as not as salty.

When we left  to go back to  base I sat in the back of the pickup truck and watched the world turn to darkness and meld into to warm blackness with thick candy floss like mist in the valleys. As we climbed the hill, it felt like being in a snow globe  surrounded by my own personal stars. It really  brought  home how much we corrupt the sky with light pollution. I decided the next house I own will not be in a city but not too remote though.

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