Night Walk And Magic Mushroom, American Horror Story Style

After dinner there was no class and people  wanted to go on a night walk. I joined 5 others, I will set the scene. A deep dark still forest, with just the sounds of water dripping from the trees and a stream flowing through the forest and the occasional sound of an animal. A group of young  Americans consisting of  a few girls, guys and a beer drinking frat boy and for a change 1 token Scottish guy. It could of been right out of an teen horror flick. We walked along the stream trail until we came across a truly Magic Mushroom as due to bio luminance it glowed in the dark, which was  pretty awesome. We continued walking over many slippery narrow rickety rickety bridges(if you  can call them that). Soon we joined the  another trail to take us back too the road, we stopped along the way and stood in silence and darkness to listen and look for signs of life in the dark. At one point Tim and Nick almost had a Ozzy Osbourne experience  with a bat.

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One thought on “Night Walk And Magic Mushroom, American Horror Story Style

  1. Edith Rifkind

    Thanks for keeping me up to speed with your activities Edith

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